Securitas Epay – Talx Paperless Pay Online Instantly

Securitas Epay is a platform which helps user to check and manage their payroll online. Its goal is to service all kinds of firms in payroll matters. Lets discuss detailed information on their online portal as well as their services. So, don’t skip anywhere cause we are going to start with short intro of TALX Paperless Pay.

TALX Paperless Pay Portal is a service provided by Securitas Epay for the Human resource department of the company where the employees can seek the information related to their payrolls and the amount owed to the employees.

For me personally this portal is really beneficial for a lot of reason. Hope this article cover every aspect but if not don’t forget to comment down below.

Some Basic Benefits of Securitas Epay:

Securitas will provide you with the best risk assessment plans as they have customized security plans for their customer needs accordingly, such as immediate responses, future plans, managing plans, etc. They even have a special team for security offices for their warehouses to guard the security network for the complete secured experience for the customers.

Securitas Epay officers are trained to act professionally with the knowledge of using technological advancements in their services which includes updated security and services for the employees and corporation having the services of the Securitas Epay.

App Service provided by named as “Securitas Vision” which provides excellent features for their customers including: 

  • Management
  • Text Services
  • Graphic Activities
  • Scheduling

What are Conditions to Access Securitas Epay:

  • You must have your login credentials from your employer and must be listed on the company’s employee list.
  • You need to log in with your given credentials to check your pay updates. This might also have a security question from time to time, to ensure the security of your account. The system update will also be required.

How New User Register For Securitas Epay:

Securitas Epay provides you easy and accessible two ways to login in the system:

On Web:

  • Open the website
  • Enter your social security number (SSN).
  • Enter you Date of Birth in the format (mm/dd/yy)
  • After this, you may change your PIN which has to be of 6-8 characters (Numeric only)
  • After signing in you will have different options to view including Paystub review, income verification, and personal information.
  • Finally, you will be done with the security pay online.

For easy and direct access to the customers who prefer the web. Here, you log in, fill in the required steps and you are accessed to the services of Securitas Epay.

On Mobile:

  • Dial the number (866-604-3729)
  • Enter your social security number.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Change your PIN which will be done using the information on the page.
  • Then you will be given guidelines which after following you can get your services.

This service is exclusively provided by the company to the customers who prefer tasking over the mobile phones as it is quite convenient and handy. As instructed above, once you dial the number you can access the system easily by providing your credentials.

Services provided on the web and mobile are both the same. On the web, you can view and read the summary of your paystubs including payrolls while on mobile you will be able to hear all about your total pay and paychecks.

How to Login for TALX Paperless Pay Portal?

  • Open the website
  • Now you need to enter your employee code
  • Then add your PIN in the required space
  • Then click on the Login button

This can also be accessed by the website This exclusive website is for the Human resource department of the Company which helps the employees, as well as employers to keep the track of the pay rolls, wages and payments due. It highly reduces the workload of the Human Resources Department.

What to Do after Logging into TALX?

You may do variety of task after logging in.

For example, auditing your past or current paystubs, click on DDM to improve your stored records or payable sums, click on W-4 menu which will get you the details about your employees and personal data, updating of contact information, resetting your credentials or reassure your security. More on it provides the option of “Forgot password” which sends a recovery link to your inbox directly.

Detailed Info on Work Of Securitas Epay

Other than this, the app provides extraordinary security services that provide the best assistance to the customers, managers and officers for assisting them with proper procedures of the how things work while having ample of the information to assist your customers or clients. Adding to that, they have an emergency security button for emergency texts for the customer’s last location. More on, they are working to make it even better.

  • Fire services plans are also provided by Securitas that include wildlife firefighting, structural firefighting and aircraft crash rescue along with the special security plans that are implemented Fire prevention plan development and fire response development executed accordingly. Adding to it, they have qualified fire academy graduates from FF-1 and FF-11 with an endorsed license from NFPA 1002 or 1021.
  • Securitas provides the best medications in the required situation for which they have an emergency medical response, rescue operators, first aid, injury prevention’s, education and training services much more.
  • Other security services they provide are national, international and globally are quite interesting like healthcare security division, securities for oil and petrochemical division and security needs with Securitas response services are all available.

Contact Information:

  • Call Paperless Pay at 1-800-489-1711 or Call a team member at 904-781-5548
  • Social media: Follow on Twitter
  • Operating Hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 Pm EST
  • Located in: 800 Water Street, Suite 203, Jacksonville, FL 32204

The Usefulness of Securitas Epay

The company provides access to 24/7 to its customers and provides bets security services (as mentioned above). This is one of a kind service that gives an outline of your payroll online without any hassle even a day before the payday while providing a free of cost and secured system for your money.

The website answers your queries 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about the timings if you connect with Securitas Epay. More on, the website provides services like accessing your history for up to 3 years so you can keep a long-time record for your pays and wages. This further moves on to receive your money from anywhere in the world free of charges whilst you receive discounts on brands like Apple and Verizon.

Securitas Epay is a Sweden Company Started in 1934, priorly named ABH Nattvak, providing worldwide remarkable security services to National, international and Multi-National companies. This Company in the present day is used for the employees whose companies use online Securitas Services for the employee payrolls.

Securitas Epay provides its services in a large area of the USA, including Florida, Ohio, California, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, and Utah.

How Does Deposits Work on Securitas Epay?

1. Deposits through card:

For the ones who don’t prefer involving their bank accounts, can easily get their salary on their payday through a card which is similar to an ATM or Debit Card.

2. Direct deposits of the pay:

This is to eliminate the hassle of physical transactions such as bank engagements or long queues. Just simple transaction through bank accounts, convenient for the employees.

3- How is Securitas Epay different from other security services?

The exclusive services of Securitas Epay are due to a unique contract signed by the firm and the US government which gets the approval of the Defense Security Service and Department of Energy and other integral department to provide the quality security and services to its customers.

4- Authorities have given to Businesses from Securitas Epay

Securitas Epay has given authority to business personal either to allow or not to allow their respective employees to the website where they can access the information about their payrolls etc either through the web or mobile services provided by the Securitas Epay.

5- Security measure by Securitas Epay

On Securitas, your password will be requested to change every 90 days for the sake of confidentiality of your information and this can be done via web and mobile phone.